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You can simply contact us by telephone, mail or using the intake form below. As a rule you will receive a very quick answer. With the forms below you can make your wishes more precise, and for existing dossiers you can indicate the moment at which you can consult your manager via Skype without having to move to the office. The more accurate your information, the better prepared the answer.

Online handling

You can explain your problem without any obligation, if you would like advice, assistance or representation. You will receive an initial preliminary answer with an estimate of the costs.Moreover, in urgent cases, we can deliver a first thorough advice within 48 hours, subject to prior payment.

Skype consultation

You can submit an application to receive information about your current dossier via Teams. After all the necessary details have been entered, you will receive an e-mail confirming your appointment.

Ninove Headquarters


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Opening hours

Monday to thursday:
8h–12h and 13h–18:00h
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