Small but without limits

algemene voorwaarden online diensten

Article 1

In case of an online consultation, an answer will initially be given of what is possible, and the cost price or at least the rate for the performance will be communicated.

In case of urgent treatment, a deposit of € 150 is immediately requested. You will receive a (at least) directional answer within 48 hours after receipt of the payment (assuming that all useful documents are included). So please upload all useful documents (or send them by mail or post), as a valuable answer depends on it.

In general, it is strongly recommended to transfer as much information and documents as possible, preferably chronologically, in advance by mail or post.

Article 2

When starting a procedure, negotiations or any other ongoing process, it is very difficult to estimate the cost of the total service in advance, since the total amount is also determined by third parties.

However, a file can be treated (very) thoroughly or (very) concisely according to the client's wishes (to be agreed in advance), and budget agreements can be made.

After advice you can decide whether or not you want to continue  and/or we have to represent you. In this case the normal general and financial conditions for companies or individuals will be applicable.

Article 3

In case of accompaniment ,we act on the background. You act and are responsible for the final result. Our interventions are limited to assistance for the legal parts, the procedure, the form, the legal bases, the suggestions for the supporting documents/evidence.