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terms and conditions

Artikel one:

Save in the case of a specific agreement, these terms and conditions are applied to the relation between the client and the lawyer. They apply only to the cases of the law firm De Rouck&Partners (DRPP), managed by Roland De Rouck.

Article two:

The profession of lawyer is submitted to ethical codes, of which the main aim is to guarantee the confidence between an client and the lawyer (like professional secrecy, management of received funds, …) On the other hand the codes also insure that there can be negotiated confidentially.

That is why the exchange of letters between lawyers always have a confidential nature (save strict exceptions). The client commits itself to respect this confidential nature.

The lawyer can be replaced for a part of the performance by an internal or external member of the law firm. This replacement concerns only executive or preparatory acts.

The liability of the lawyer is limited to a maximum overall amount in accordance with the professional indemnity insurance of the bar (mostly the bar of Dendermonde).

Article three:

It is always useful to check if you claim cover from a legal aid insurance, commonly included in basic insurances (like civil liability).

Article four:

The published cases always strive to be as accurate as possible. But these have been made on a certain date, and so they cannot contribute to any liability of the writer, nor the law firm.