Small but without limits

Financial terms

Artikel one:

Every case is treated by lawyer De Rouck in cooperation with a collaborator (acting as file manager) if the case is one of the preferred are of practise of that lawyer. The hourtly rate of Mter De Rouck is 105, 00 EUR (excl. TAV).

When it’s demanded that the case should be treated only by Mter De Rouck, the hourly rate of 115, 00 EUR will apply.

These rates are reduced if a young lawyer, with less than 3 years of experience, treats the case to an hourly rate between 60, 00 EUR (excl. VAT) and 75, 00 EUR (excl. VAT), depending the experience and length of service. The hourly rates of a lawyer with more than 3 years of experience varies from 75, 00 EUR (excl. VAT) and 85, 00 EUR (excl. VAT), depending the experience and length of service.

Special agreements can be made if the client submits several cases to the law firm.

Administrative processing by the secretariat, starting from five minutes, are billed at an hourly rate of 35, 00 EUR (excl. VAT).

Article two:

The hourly rate can be multiplied with a coefficient of 1,3 due to a request of immediate treatment of the case (eg. Court-date, limitation, forfeited rights, …), and that need to be treated immediately (same day or at the latest the next day).

The rates can be multiplied with 1, 2 if the result is successful, and with 0, 8 in case of a negative result. The meaning of a successful or negative result can be determined at the start. The rules of Belgium legal profession apply in case of absence of arrangement.

Article three:

There are two kind of cases, the online-cases for consultancy, and the classic cases (on paper and electronic).

In case of one time only consultancy no opening cost will be put in to account.

The costs and expenses will be billed as follows:

Opening cost40, 00 EURWord processing by secretariat10, 00 EUR/pageRegistered letter+ 10, 00 EURCopy/print bl-wh0, 50 EURScan bl-wh1, 25 EURCopy/scan/print color1, 50 EURAccounting2, 25 EUR/ transactionEmails/fax in/out1, 25 EURPhone call2, 50 EUR/unitOutgoing international phone call10, 00 EUR/15 minTravel expenses (per kilometer)0, 50 EURClosing and archiving40, 00 EUR

Article four:

A provision of 150, 00 EUR (incl. VAT) is requested at the first appointment at the office. This will be brought into account when the case is discussed proficiently or when an advice is provided. If we proceed with the case, the provision will serve as advance, which is charged in accordoance with the higher mentioned rates.

Article five:

In case of an online consultation, we will provide the possibilities and expected costs, at least the applicable rate.

We will demand a payment in advance of 150, 00 EUR in case of an urgent request. You will receive a directional response within 48 hours after we’ve received the payment (if all the useful documents have been sent). You need to provide us with every useful document by uploaden them (or sending them in a mail of with the postal service).

It’s strongly suggested to hand in, by post or mail, as much information and documents (preferably sorted chronologically) prior to the appointment. It is very difficult to determine the cost of our services at the start of a case (consultancy excluded), because the costs are also defined by the interference of third parties. A case can be treated thorough or concise (to be determined in advance). Price-agreements can be made.

Article six:

Since January 2014 the costs and fees are submitted to VAT (a regrettable decision of the government). We request for payment periodically (once a moth, three-monthly or six-monthly) and in regard of the intensity of service. Per termination of instance (first instance, appeal, …) an invoice is sent, including a summary of services provided and costs.

Article seven:

The invoices are to be payed within one month. Late payment shall by law, and without notice of default, incur interest (at the legal rate). A compensation for late payment shall be owed of 10% of the amount invoiced, with a minimum of 500, 00 EUR.

In case of late payment the lawyer reserves the right to suspend service.