Small but without limits


Mr. De Rouck represents a second generation of the office.

After a combined study of law and criminology, immediately followed by notaryship, decennia of additional studies in fiscal, economic and company law follow.

Meanwhile, he engaged in local politics where he was city council-member of Ninove, a city with an attractive history. In doing so, he has experienced administrative law.


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  • Law degree at the University of Brussels
  • Study of criminology at the University of Brussels
  • Notaryship degree at the University of Brussels
  • Aggregate Fiscal College Brussel
  • DES in economic law Free University Brussels
  • Master in companylaw Catholic University Brussels
  • Personal wish: Never give up.

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  • Inheritance and divisions of an inheritance
  • Construction law
  • Economic and company law
  • Spatial planning and urban development
  • Fiscal law
  • Criminal law

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The rights of flight passengers in the event of cancellation or long delay of flights

The most important legislation about this subject is the Belgian law of 15 May 2006 that provides substantial penal sanctions. …

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