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You can explain your problem without any obligation, or you would like advice, assistance or representation. You will receive an initial preliminary answer with an estimate of the costs. Moreover, in urgent cases, we can deliver a first thorough advice within 48 hours, subject to prior payment.

  • An answer will be sent within 10 days at the latest

  • An answer will be sent within 48 hours after payment

It's possible that a problem occurs (work-related, family related, competition) but it doesn't seem to be worth the effort to start a 'case'. The problem is always present, but there are other priorities. At that moment we can give you a directional advice, seek out your options or point out possible dangers (prescription, loss of rights). A recommendation can remain on the surface, where we point out the essential matters. An advice can also be thorough. Right has different layers and angles.
Indicate what you want.
We represent you with knowledge and commitment to the court, at the notary, on expertises, at general meetings, etc ...
If the bet is limited, or the dispute is in principle, so our full intervention as lawyer then threatens to be too expensive, we can guide you.
We limit our interventions to the most necessary.
We remotely assist you for the actions that you can do yourself

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