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B2B relations

Starting December 1st, unlawful clauses in relation between companies can be declared void, even with regard to existing contracts that are renewed, extended or adapted. 

1. As in the most …

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New Inheritance law (part II)


Contribution is only available for donations to the children and grandchildren.

These are considered to be an advance on the inheritance.

This does not apply to the other …

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The new inheritance law (part 1)

Since the amendment of the law has consequences for the reservate heirs who see their reserves shrink, you can, however, opt to have all donations made before September 1, 2018 …

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Protection of small enterprises against abuse of dominant position[SS2]

Protection of small enterprises against abuse of dominant position[SS2]

As it already exists in the surrounding countries, a law was voted on April 4, which on the one hand will …

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Beef products certified halal should not bearing the indication "organic farming"

   On 24 september 2012 the administration in France takes mesures to end the advertising and marketing of minced beef patties, certifiied "halal" and bearing the "organic farming" indication for …

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Robotics and AI

February 2019 – JIPLP/Grur.Int publications on the unique bond between AI and their creations

Florian De Rouck, associate in our firm’s Technology & Communications and Intellectual Property practice groups, has …

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